Sunday, April 30, 2006

Fun With Search Engines - Google "cruiserboy"

Ever look at the Sitemeter page tracking referal pages to your blog? I do. It is interesting to note what you have in common with the great searching horde of humanity the world over.

ZX14R; KLR650; KLX250s review; GPZ

Always the motorcycle stuff, though "ethnocentricity" had quite a following for awhile....However, my favorite recurring search string has to be "cruiserboys".

I referred to some fellas I was riding with in this way completely innocent of the homosexual connotation Sitemeter and have Google since revealed. Black leather everything and "chaps" - that's what otherwise grown men call their leather pants with no ass in 'em. I swear I laugh out loud everytime it pops up. A cruiserboy, it seems, is typified by the village people motorcycle gayguy, ya'll! Granted, when I called 'em cruiserboys I did mean it in a off the cuff derogetory way, but I had no idea of the extent of my own diabolical subconcious machinations.

So, Greg (not you EP), Frank, Timmy, Pappy, and Dave, many a pillowbiter has spanked his monkey reading my tale of the ride with y'all when Pappy, ahem, 'went down'. I ain't laughin'.... Really....I'm not.

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