Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Meet the Motorcycling Underworld - Slick Creek on the TransAm Trail

Y'all remember the tale of Nate droppin' his bike for the first time in Slick Creek on the TAT. Just as a public service I am posting some pics lifted off of AdvRider.com to better illustrate the process whereby Nate bit it. This is purley for academic reasons. Not to make fun of anybody or anything like that, but I know I don't have to tell y'all that, now..... do I.

Here's a fella makin' a bold attempt using pretty much the same teeter-totter method as Nate:

Here is another fella suffering the same results as Nate. Thump.

Not to be braggin' or anything, but this is pretty much how I did it:
Nice bike, eh, Waterboy? Look!, you can ride dualsport and still keep your blog handle!

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