Friday, May 05, 2006

Absurdity Is No Obstacle

NAPLES, Fla. -- A sheriff's pilot was temporarily blinded when someone aimed a green laser into his helicopter's cockpit, authorities said.
Two Collier County sheriff's pilots were searching for a loud party in Naples last Friday when the laser beam was directed into their cockpit, sheriff's Lt. Mark Cherney said.
One of the pilots was wearing night vision goggles, which amplified the beam and temporarily blinded him.
The pilot suffered severe headaches and it remains unclear if the laser caused lasting damage to his eyes, Cherney said. The other pilot was not injured by the beam.
It is a felony to point a laser at an aircraft. No one has been charged in the attack.

"We have some leads," Cherney said. "We're looking for more."

This is cute. Robo-cop wannabes using nightvision while piloting a helecopter on a secret mission looking for loud parties.

I wonder what the budget is for the "Loud Party Airial Reconnisance Patrol" , hmmm?

Let's see a nice used Bell Helicopter is for sale on ebay for $895,000.
Nightvision goggles for around $2500 for the good stuff.
Pilot - let's say $70.000.
co-pilot - $65,000
Ground support and maintenance I guess around $100,000 year contracted out.

If the city of naples, Florida is prepared to spend that kinda money to locate Loud Parties nothing is beyond the pale for the fedgov. Any calls of "The fderal government doesn't have the time or resources to_______." should fall on deaf ears. Anything a governing body can/may do, it will do. Absurdity is no obstacle.

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