Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Greetings from the frozen Bluegrass

After two days of rain @ 30 degrees F and tree limbs cracking like lightning strikes we finally lost power around 4am this morning. I really could not have imagined it taking <I>this</I> long. Alas, mother nature finally got around to us.

The trusty Englander wood stove is sitting at a steady 1500 degrees F internal and the old house is basking in its glow. As it turns out, 93 years ago they built houses for this particular mode of climate control.

Barring the power coming back on in the next hou or so, I will have to run the cable from the motorhome generator to cycle the fridge, freezer,and hot water heater.

As the sun comes up I will try to post some pics. This weather is extremely destructive, but also extremely pleasing to the eye. This is. No doubt why nature is charecterized as female.

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