Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Somebody has Been Watching Way too Much Star Trek

Beelzebub 1/27/09 6:14 AM

It's just obvious to anyone who knows enough about human nature that we are not perfect beings. IMO we will never evolve into perfect beings, but since I'm a bit of a transhumanist (not a crazy transhumanist, but a little bit of one) I don't think we will need to. Within a few hudred years we will have the capacity to engineer ourselves beyond human fault and foible. That will include tolerance for those wanting to be "left behind" but in truth, I don't think anyone will want to be.

The preceding was lifted from the comments by Breezebetweentheearslebub over at Vox's blog. Breezebetweentheearslebub has neglected to mention human improvement has been ongoing apace for many years already and certainly in modern times. The USSR had re-education camps whereby impure thoughts were eradicated from the minds of pre-enlightened throwbacks, and our own modern pharmaceutical industry has been plugging away at curing the ills of even boys who tend to be active, and hasn't civil authority made certain thoughts a crime? I can tell we are just around the corner from Breezebetweentheearslebub's New HopeChange Utopia. Everything has changed!

In Breezebetweentheearslebub's New HopeChange Utopia folks won't be killed for their own good like those old Pre-HopeChange Utopias. No, It will be done for the Good of All or to Save the Planet.

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