Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's a Black Thing. You Wouldn't Understand.

Remember that? I always wondered how much fun it was to attribute some life experience as unknowable to another and ascribe their exclusion to an insurmountable arbitrary factor. Well, I finally found out.... It's a lot of fun.

Friend O Mine: How do you know all this? I mean, is there some place where they teach this stuff? (emergency wiring) What are you? A rural electrical something or other?

JACIII: I'm a redneck.

I delivered this line deadpan and in a manner consistent with delivering the news, "Water is wet", and noted Friend O Mine's only disappointingly mild frustration with the unforthcoming nature of the answer.

Happily, my efforts were rewarded later in the day when the same question was posed and the same answer given. This has been a source of much joy.

Assignment for those who dare:

Try it. Next time someone remarks upon your ability to do X or knowledge of Y, feel free to attribute it to your cultural demographic.

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