Sunday, January 24, 2010


The Stasi in Pittsburg beat this guy damned near to death for something people all over the South, West, and (increasingly) the Midwest, commonly do every day. One of the benefits of life in the big city. No doubt, they were reassigned to applause from their mates for making the streets safer for them to kick the shit out of anyone they choose.

"Not until 15 minutes later, when uniformed officers drove up in a van and Miles overheard their conversation, did he realize he had been arrested, he said. Initially, when the handcuffs were clamped around his wrists, he thought he was being abducted, he said."

He was being abducted, only by a gang of thugs with the might of the state behind it. Appeals to the boss thugs on his behalf are a waste of time. When you live in an urban hive it is understood you give up certain rights and all your dignity much the same as you do when you choose to board a commercial airplane. He just didn't get the memo.

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