Monday, January 18, 2010

Go See The Book of Eli

One of the best Christian films to come along in a long time, The Book of Eli mixes melancholy and sudden brutal violence in such a way as to have a viewer uncertain of whether the next sequence will be soliloquy or slaughter.

There is plenty of action, plenty of plot, but no boobs. (Hey, it's a Christian film.) And the official critics hate it for the same reasons everyone else loves it. The words "preachy" , "flawed", "doomily pompous", and my favorite quip "the constantly preachy tone tends to grate after a while, and nothing in the self-important, supposedly revelatory denouement makes up for having been fed so much irredeemably inexplicable hokum." Obviously, the socially autistic did not find it enjoyable; how dare someone make a movie without the obligatory disdain for western culture! They thought we were "past that".

That hollywood made this film amazes me, as it should you. I look for the sky to fall any day now.

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