Friday, January 22, 2010

What Happened in Massachusetts?

Indeed. How weird is it when a state that has been proud to be known to be a Mass (bad pun) of Kennnedy boot lickers revolts?

It hinges on 1) Obama showed himself to be a weak personality, a typical sneaky politician, and not very bright 2) Coakley said what she really thought too often 3) the white folks may have finally punched their "I am not a racist/sexist/homophobe tickets" enough to satisfy themselves.

Obama's performance on the job is highly reminiscent of Carter at his worst; flitting about the world apologizing on behalf of the US for everything from pretend global warming to the last administration tweaking their noses, ignoring huge unemployment, playing at "big picture" games while (not) working folk struggle. Strangely, even in Massachusetts those things matter.

Coakley managed to be the right candidate at the right time with stunning efficiency. She offended the observant catholic population of Mass. and showed herself to be abrasive, oblivious, and uninformed in a single stroke with her crack that perhaps Catholics should not work in emergency rooms. Chances are she was probably born in a Catholic hospital. I would like to think the folk in Mass. were starting to chaffe at Kennedy worship, but growing a spine is far too much to ask of the bootlickers. They are probably aquiver at having offended Obama.

It is a plain fact that even with a sorry assed candidate like McCain, the economy unraveling, and congress writing checks to banksters, had Obama been white he would have lost. As one roll in the hay is all playing the sympathy card will get you some folk, having finally voted for a black guy for high office president, are no longer carrying that particular monkey on their backs. The white folk are free to vote however they wish (unwisely most often - but not so much racially, except for black folk who vote racially always).

The race guilt card won't play again unless the left's commentariart manages to cook up some hitherto undiscovered subtle undercurrent of racism for which all white folks should feel guilty. And convince them of it. Not bloody likely outside of the DC stage, but good luck to 'em anyway.

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