Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Big Wrong Turn or The Damage One Sorry Son of a Bitch Railroad Lawyer Can Do

From Murray Rothbard's Just War.

Lincoln signed no less than ten tariff-raising bills during his administration. Heavy "sin" taxes were levied on alcohol and tobacco, the income tax was levied for the first time in American history, huge land grants and monetary subsidies were handed out to transcontinental railroads (accompanied by a vast amount of attendant corruption), and the government went off the gold standard and virtually nationalized the banking system to establish a machine for printing new money and to provide cheap credit for the business elite. And furthermore, the New Model Army and the war effort rested on a vast and unprecedented amount of federal coercion against Northerners as well as the South; a huge army was conscripted, dissenters and advocates of a negotiated peace with the South were jailed, and the precious Anglo-Saxon right of habeas corpus was abolished for the duration.

It is amazing how much fuckup can be traced to just a very short period of time the legacy of which is continued grief for generations removed from the evil deeds initiated by a very few evil men.

1) Prohibition - for which prisons overflow and privacy dies.

2) Income Tax - Whereby we are all slaves and ownership of our labor is claimed by bureaucrats and politicians.

3) Eminent Domain - The root of "corporate welfare" and condemnation (legal theft) of privately held property.

4) Gold Standard and Nationalized Banking System - See The Great Depression I and, now, II.

5) Credit Inflation - Bubbles anyone?

Further we are seeing more and more that the yankee (spit) deified state will tolerate no other god before it:

The Union was taken, by its Northern worshipers, from a contractual institution that can either be cleaved to or scrapped, and turned into a divinized entity, which must be worshipped, and which must be permanent, unquestioned, all-powerful. There is no heresy greater, nor political theory more pernicious, than sacralizing the secular. But this monstrous process is precisely what happened when Abraham Lincoln and his northern colleagues made a god out of the Union. If the British forces fought for bad King George, the Union armies pillaged and murdered on behalf of this pagan idol, this "Union," this Moloch that demanded terrible human sacrifice to sustain its power and its glory.

This worship of state is becoming obvious even to the obtuse as "Freedom of Religion" becomes corrupted toward "Freedom from religion other than worship of the state". What was yankee (spit) birthed is now irrational atheist borne.

Rothbard's reference to Milton's Moloch is especially apt:

First MOLOCH, horrid King besmear'd with blood
Of human sacrifice, and parents tears,
Though for the noyse of Drums and Timbrels loud
Their childrens cries unheard, that past through fire
To his grim Idol.

Props to our token Jew Bankster, Josh, for the Rothbard link.

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